How Do I Create and Manage Groups?

Please note: This feature is only available to MindMeister Business subscribers.

The MindMeister Groups feature benefits teachers and/or project leads in charge of multiple users.

With Groups, you can quickly manage the access to mind maps for different teams and projects, as well as share mind maps with whole groups of users at once. Multiple groups can be created for every need, e.g. the marketing department, the 5th grade etc.

To create a new group, make sure you have admin rights for the team account. In case you don't, you will have to contact the team admin to add you to the list of admins. Once you have admin rights just navigate to the Members' area and click on the "Add Group" button: 


Once the groups have been formed just open the mind map you want to share, and type the name of the group, in the field where you would usually type the email address of the user you intend to share with. In addition to this, a group owner can add or remove users from the group, in order to share all maps that are part of the group. This speeds up the entire process significantly.