Public Map Library

All mind maps published with MindMeister are automatically added to our public map library, which by now contains hundreds of thousands of maps. If you're not logged in, you can access the library at If you're already logged in, go to your dashboard and click on Public Maps in the top bar.


Using the Public Map Library

1. The Main Page

The main page shows featured maps, each one hand-selected by the MindMeister team. We keep an eye on what's trending and monitor Twitter, always on the lookout for creative, beautiful, and - most importantly - useful public maps shared by users.


The featured maps are divided by categories, so you can see the top maps for each category at a glance. Click on the Show All link ( 3 ) next to any of the category names to show all public maps contained in this category.

At the top right ( 2 ), you'll find the search bar where you can search for maps by keyword. Note that the keyword search can also be combined with filters.

The filter options are located at the top left ( 1 ). Click on the dropdown menu to add filters for language (from Abkhazian to Zulu), category (business, education, events...), and type (slideshow, wiki map).


2. The Map View Page

Clicking on a map thumbnail opens the map in a separate map view that offers space for comment discussions ( 2 ). Commenting is done via a Disqus plugin, which means that anybody with a Disqus account can get involved, not just MindMeister users.


Above the comment area you'll find the like button ( 1 ).

The social sharing buttons for Google+, Twitter and Facebook, as well as a convenient email share option, are located in the bottom left corner of the video ( 4 ).

Based on the map you're currently viewing, you'll also see a number of Recommended Maps ( 5 ) you might find interesting.

The mind map itself can of course be viewed right there on the page, and you can zoom in and out, open and close branches, drag the map into a new position, view attached notes, links, videos and more.

Click on the button in the top right ( 3 ) to view the map in fullscreen mode and to get to the Clone / Export / Embed button, located in the bottom bar ( 6 ).