Export Your Map on Android

This feature is available to all users


You can export your mind map by clicking the (i) in the top-right corner of your mind map. Export your mind map to RTF, PDF, PNG, JPG, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MindMeister, Freemind, MindManager and XMind formats.

To export your mind map: 

  1. Tap (i) in the top-right corner of your mind map.
  2. Tap Export.
  3. Choose the export format.
  4. Select what you'd like to do with the export. For example, you might share it via AirDrop or email it to your colleague. 

You cannot print your map from your Android device

If you want to print from Android, we recommend you export your map as a PDF or PNG and send the exported file to a device connected to a printer, for instance, via email.

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