How Do I Cancel My Subscription or Delete My Account?


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You can cancel your subscription very easily by clicking here - cancel subscription. 

Your account will then be automatically downgraded to MindMeister Basic (FREE version) and after the end of your license period, you will no longer be charged.

If you would like to close or delete your account permanently, just click here - close account. This can only be done once your license period comes to an end or after your trial expires.

Please contact support for assistance if you would like to delete your paid account.

Cancel Your Subscription (iOS and Android)

Subscriptions and trials entered into via the iOS app or the Google Playstore are managed by iTunes and Google Playstore directly, which is why we cannot process those cancellations or refunds. 

For more information on how to manage your iOS subscriptions, check out this article: View, Change or Cancel Your Subscriptions 

For details on how to manage your Android subscriptions, check out this article: Cancel, pause, or change subscription on Google Play