Import Mind Maps or Text

1. Importing a Mind Map File 

Use the Import (1) button in the toolbar of your dashboard to import a mind map.

The following dialog will appear:


Just drag and drop your mind maps to the specified area or use the Browse... button to select a mind map file from your hard drive.

Tip: You can drag multiple mind maps into the drop area to upload them all at once.

MindMeister currently supports the following mind map formats:

  • MindMeister

    All versions with extension .mind are supported

  • FreeMind™

    All versions with extension .mm are supported (version 0.9 and higher recommended)

  • XMind

    All version 3.2.x and higher files with extension .xmind are supported.

  • Mindjet MindManager™

    All version 6 and higher files with extension .mmap are supported. Special formatting types such as OrgChart may not be imported.

  • Plain text file

    You can upload a plain text file with extension .txt (use spaces or tabs to indent lines, first line is the title of the map). Or follow the steps below. 


2. Creating a Mind Map from Text

Instead of importing a mind map file, you can select the From Text option in the import dialog to create a mind map from a text outline. 

Pasting: You can paste any text into the designated field. Each line will be transformed into a topic. Both tabs and spaces work as indents and result in new topic levels.

Writing: Instead of pasting a text from another source, you can also write new text directly into the designated field. Please note that in this case only spaces may be used as indents.