MindMeister for G Suite (Old Version)

Old Article

Watch out! This article refers to the old version of MindMeister. If you're a new user, head over to this article to get to know our all new MindMeister.

MindMeister is available on the G Suite Marketplace for installation into any G Suite team account. Adding MindMeister to your G Suite account has multiple benefits:

How to add MindMeister to G Suite

If you don’t yet own a MindMeister account, simply visit MindMeister on the G Suite Marketplace and click on the "Install" button in the top-right corner. Please note that you need to be the administrator of your G Suite team to add MindMeister to your G Suite account.

If you already own a MindMeister account and would like to connect it with G Suite, please follow the steps below:

How to connect an existing MindMeister account with G Suite

1) Install MindMeister from the G Suite Marketplace as described above.

2) Change your MindMeister email address to the one you're using in G Suite. (Please see this article for instructions).

Once the email address has been successfully changed in MindMeister, you will be able to log into MindMeister with your G Suite email address, and MindMeister will be connected with Google Drive™.

If you're already using the same email address in MindMeister and G Suite, you don't have to perform this second step.

Merge G Suite Groups

As a MindMeister Business team, you have the ability to create groups of multiple users within your team, just like in G Suite. If you’ve added MindMeister to your G Suite account, you can also merge your existing G Suite groups into MindMeister.

To do this, visit the “My Account” area and navigate to “My Team”.

Click on the ellipsis next to + Add Group and select “Merge G Suite Groups”.