Connect MindMeister Account to Google Apps


Please note: this article will not help you merge two MindMeister accounts, it will just help you merge an existing MindMeister account with Google Apps. (If you would like to merge two MindMeister accounts - we suggest you share mind maps from the account you no longer wish to use with your second account or alternatively contact support


Connect Your MindMeister Account to Google Apps


Your Google Apps account administrator needs to add MindMeister to your Google Apps team account. This can be done by visiting MindMeister on the G Suite Marketplace and then clicking on "Install" (top-right corner).

The next step would be to change your MindMeister email address so that it matches the one you use for Google Apps. This can be done by logging in to your MindMeister account and then going to the Personal Info tab, changing your email address and then clicking on Save once completed.

This, of course, excludes users who already use the same email address for both MindMeister and Google Apps.

Finally, log back into MindMeister using your Google Apps domain. Click here or go to the MindMeister homepage and click on Sign in on the top right. Select Google Apps from the login options in the following dialog, enter your Google Apps domain and click Sign In. You might be forwarded to a Google page to confirm this process.

Logging in using your Google details will trigger your accounts to merge automatically. Enjoy!



Merge Your MindMeister Team

First, you need to be the administrator of the MindMeister and Google Apps team or at least have access to the credentials.

Login via Google Apps and switch to your Personal Info to click on Merge accounts now at the bottom.

You will then be presented with a login form. Please provide your existing MindMeister login to merge your existing information with your new Google Apps account.

Just click on Continue and confirm your information to merge your accounts.

All your data will be transferred safely to your new account.