How to connect an existing MindMeister account to Google Apps?

Please Note: This will not merge two regular MindMeister accounts, it will just help you merge an existing MindMeister account with Google Apps. (For merging maps between two accounts we suggest you just share mind maps with your second account or contact our support department.)

How to merge your MindMeister account

First, you need to get the administrator of your Google Apps account to add the MindMeister service to your Google Apps team from the Marketplace as described above.

Next, you need to simply change your email address to the one you're using in Google Apps.

Just log in with your existing MindMeister account, go to Personal Info and click on Save after you changed your email address.

This of course also means that users who already have the same email address in MindMeister and Google Apps won't have to perform this step.

Finally, log in to MindMeister using your Google Apps domain. Click here or go to the MindMeister homepage and click on "Sign in" on the top right. Select Google Apps from the login options in the following dialog, enter your Google Apps domain and click Sign In. You might be forwarded to a Google page to confirm this process.

When you log in your accounts will be merged automatically. Enjoy!


How to merge your MindMeister team

First, you need to be the administrator of the MindMeister and Google Apps team or at least have access to the credentials.

Login via Google Apps and switch to your Personal Info to click on Merge accounts now at the bottom.

You will then be presented with a login form. Please provide your existing MindMeister login to merge your existing information with your new Google Apps account.

Just click on Continue and confirm your information to merge your accounts.

All your data will be transferred safely to your new account.