Create your first mind map


This is a step-by-step guide to creating your first mind map on MindMeister. All basic functions such as formatting, adding icons & images, additional information and sharing maps are covered in this guide.

Let's start with a blank map and try to recreate the map shown above.

Create a blank mind map

We'll start by creating a new blank mind map from your map list:


1. Click on "New Mind Map"
2. Select the "Blank" template

You can hold ALT while clicking on "New Mind Map" to create a blank map right away.

A new mind map will be created and opened in the MindMeister editor.

The caption of the root topic will automatically become the title of your mind map when you press RETURNENTER.

Press TAB to create a child topic. You can then add sibling topics again when you press RETURNENTER.

Format your ideas

Some topics may be more important to you than others so you might want to highlight them in some way.

We'll now change the color of a topic and increase its font size.


1. Select a topic

2. Click on the larger font size button

3. Click on Text 

Then just select your any color from the panel

<hr />

You can change the background color of your topics like this: 

1. Select your topic
2. Click on the Background button
3. Select your desired color

Add icons & images

You can add icons or images to your topics easily:

1. Select your topic

2. Open the icon menu

3. Select your desired icon

4. Click on the arrow for more icons

You can choose one of your three recent icons to apply the same icon quicker to different topics.

Applying images to your topics is working the same way:

1. Select your topic

2. Open the images menu

3. Select an image

4. Click on "Add image..." for more advanced options

Please click the link below to get more information about icons and images.

Find out more

Add additional information

You can attach important notes, links, files or tasks to any of your topics.

To add notes to your topic:

1. Select your topic
2. Switch to the Notes tab
3. Enter your note

To add links to your topic:

1. Select your topic
2. Switch to the Links tab
3. Enter your URL

To add files to your topic:

1. Select your topic
2. Switch to the Files tab
3. Click on + or drag & drop a file to the widget or  skip step 1&2 and drag and drop the file directly to the topic

To create a task for your topic:

1. Select your topic
2. Switch to the Tasks tab
3. Set the task information

All additional information will be saved automatically.

Please click one of the links below to get more information about advanced features.

Notes Links Files Tasks

Add a relationship between two ideas

To create a new relationship between two ideas just follow the steps below: 

1. Select the first topic

2. Click the connection button

3. Select the target topic


You now finished your first mind map and want to share it with a friend or colleague.

To share a mind map:

1. Click on Share this map in your map footer

And then simply enter the email address of your invitee (1) or generate a link to share (2). 

Your invitee will then receive an email invitation including a link to access your mind map.

Congratulations, you finished and shared your first mind map!