You can access all MindMeister tools and their preferences in the Tools settings.

Geistesblitz | Task Feeds | Bulk Export | Backup

Click on your profile image, then select Settings. 




Switch to the Tools tab to access all MindMeister tools.





This feature was recently discontinued and from now on it will only be available on the iOS watch. Thank you for your understanding. 




Task Feeds

You can export your tasks to most modern task or calendar applications (iCal, Google Calendar, etc.).

Toggle the switch to enable Task Feeds for your account.

You can then choose your desired feed format and copy the URL to your favorite application.

You can generate new URLs if your links might have fallen into the wrong hands.


Information about how the Task Feeds work can be accessed in the Tools section.



Bulk Export

You can export all your maps at once with the bulk export.

Just choose the desired format and click on Export to get a zip archive of all your maps in the chosen format.





You can now save an additional backup of all of your mind maps on a secure FTP server.

Toggle the switch to set up a backup schedule for your mind maps.

Please Note: Due to security reasons backup is only available for SFTP servers.