The Dashboard

MindMeister's dashboard is where all your created mind maps and folders are stored.

In the navigation bar on the left, you will find multiple options to filter your maps, as well as our map template library. 

Take a look at this short walkthrough video to learn everything you need to know about MindMeister's dashboard:


Update: Two more features have been added since the creation of the video above:

Switching from map thumbnails to list view:

Use the toggle button in the top right to switch between list view and thumbnail view.


Changing the background color:

Click on the ellipsis in the top right corner to select a different background color for your dashboard:


Sorting maps:

You can sort your mind maps either alphabetically (A to Z or Z to A) or by the date they were modified (earliest first or latest first). Changing the order is only possible while you're in list view, but the order will be retained if you switch back to the thumbnail grid. 

To sort your maps alphabetically (from A to Z), click on the word 'Name' in the header. Click on it a second time to sort the maps in reversed order.

To sort your maps by modification date (earliest first), click on the word 'Modified' in the header. To reverse the order, click on the word a second time.