The Dashboard

To access your dashboard, you just have to go to the log in page and enter your username and password. You will then be automatically redirected to your dashboard. 

Search | Folders | TrashcanImport | Manage

Search maps

You can use our powerful search feature to find your maps right from your dashboard as well as search for content within your maps.

Use the search at the top of your dashboard to search for maps and/or specific content.


You can then search by Title and Description or even the entire Content of your creations by toggling the options on the search bar.



You can sort your ideas or even separate your personal maps from your business maps through the usage of folders.

1. Use the New Folder button in the toolbar of your dashboard to create a new folder. 

You may move a mind map into a folder by dragging & dropping the map to the folder.

You can even put a folder into another folder via drag & drop.

To delete an entire folder, select the folder and click on Delete in the toolbar of your dashboard or use the advanced menu at the right side of the folder.

Please note: All mind maps which are in the deleted folder will be deleted as well. If you'd like to retain these maps, please drag and drop them out of the folder before deleting it.

Renaming a folder can be done via the Properties option of the advanced menu on the right side of the folder.


You can undelete any mind map(s) that you may have accidentally deleted by using the trashcan.

You can switch to the trashcan view in your dashboard follow the two steps:

1. Open the advanced menu

2. Click on Show Trash.


To delete trashed maps completely click on Empty Trash (1) in the toolbar of your dashboard.

To recover a mind map from the trash follow steps 2 & 3 in the image above. 

Please note that your mind maps are removed forever after emptying your trashcan.

Import mind maps or text

Use the Import (1) button in the toolbar of your dashboard to import a mind map.

For more information please see: Import


Manage your maps

You can make changes to one or multiple mind maps easily with the toolbar in your dashboard or by using the advanced map menu at the right side of every map.

Using the toolbar

Select a mind map by clicking it, and share it pressing (1) button or delete it pressing (2). 

To sort your maps by title or date, press (3). 

When you click the share icon, the Sharing settings dialog of the mind map will appear. For detailed information about how to use it see: Sharing settings.


Using the advanced map menu

You can access all options in the advanced map menu on the right side of your map.



Select multiple maps

You can select multiple mind maps by marking the checkbox as seen in the above screenshot or by clicking on maps while holding Ctrl.


Apply changes to multiple maps

You can delete multiple mind maps at once by selecting them and then clicking the delete button.