The Map Editor (Old Version)

Old Article

Watch out! This article refers to the old version of MindMeister. If you're a new user, head over to this article to find the most up-to-date information on this topic.

Since day one, our goal has been to make MindMeister so simple and intuitive that our users don't need to read any online help. Nevertheless, here's a short overview of the main features of the map editor:

Map Toolbar | Map Sidebar | Map Footer

The Top Bar

The top bar contains the main features for building a new mind map. 


1. Return to the dashboard

2. Map Switcher: Enables quick navigation to other mind maps and at the same time it offers you the possibility to search for maps or create new ones. 

3. Properties menu: Allows you to access the map proprieties, the alignment of the map and to change the theme. 

4. Add idea button. 

5. Add a relationship between ideas.

6. The delete button. 

7. Undo

8. Redo

9. Circle avatar: Allows you to access your account, settings, help or to log out. 

Please note that most of these features are also accessible via keyboard shortcuts, which is often faster and more convenient. You can view a list of all our keyboard shortcuts here


The Side Bar

The side bar on the right contains formatting options for your topics and enables you to add additional information to them in the form of notes, links, images, videos and more.


1. Set font size and style.

2. Change text color, background color, or the topic style as a whole. Add boundaries to visually group multiple topics together.

3. Add icons, images and videos. 

4. Add notes, comments, votes, links, attachments and tasks. 


The Bottom Bar

The bottom bar contains features that affect the mind map as a whole (as opposed to individual topics), such as print and export, sharing options, and more.


1. TutorialsThis view is only visible if you did not finish all of your tutorials. Click on this if you are just getting started and want to try some of our features.

2. History View. Allows you to review every change made to the mind map and revert to older versions of your map. Read more here

3. Presentation Mode. Turn your mind maps into stunning presentations in seconds. More information. 

4. Synchronize MindMeister tasks with our online task manager MeisterTask

5. Share your map. Read more... 

6. Export options

7. Print options