Comments and Votes

You can comment and vote on all nodes in a mind map and avoid cluttering up your mind maps with extra information or concerns.


Use the Comments widget in the sidebar to add comments and votes to your ideas.

Click on the thumb-down or thumb-up icon to vote on the selected idea. 

Click in the comment field after selecting an idea to add text comments to your ideas.

Press on Say it to submit your comment and make it visible for all collaborators.

You can use the Emoji icon to add icons to your comment.


A little indicator for comments and votes will be displayed on your idea and you can hover over it to show the comments and votes:

Click on Expand to open the Opinions view and to see a detailed list of all comments and votes and to edit or delete your recent comments. 

Select the Emphasize popular ideas option to enlarge popular ideas and to give you a fast overview of trending topics on your map.

Click Edit or Delete to make changes to a comment.