Add Attachments

You can add attachments to the topics in your mind maps, ensuring that important files and documents are included in your plans. This is a simple way to add a lot of information to your mind maps without diminishing the great overview they provide. 

How to Add Attachments to Topics

To add an attachment to a topic in your mind map, first select the topic, and then click on the paperclip button in the sidebar on the right. This will open the Files widget. 

Drag and drop files into the Files widget, or click on the + in the bottom left corner to upload files. You can upload files from your local hard drive or one of your connected Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote accounts. 



Tip: You can upload multiple attachments to a single topic.

To delete an attached file, hover over the item in the Files widget and click on the X that appears next to it. 

How to View Attachments
All topics with attached files will be marked with a file icon after the idea title.

Hovering over the file icon in the topic for more than one second will bring up a dialog that lists all attached files. 

Simply click on the name of an attachment in this dialog to view it.