Export your map

Important note: free Basic users have limited access to export functions. The available export options for such accounts are .mind and .rtf format. In addition to this you can take a screenshot and save the mind map as an image.

MindMeister offers a wide variety of export options for paid plans, allowing you to take your creations with you with a minimal amount of mouse clicks. We also offer Microsoft Word and PowerPoint export options, as well as a print option.

Export from your map editor

Click on the Export button to export your mind map to various formats.

Export from your dashboard

Use the Export option in the advanced map menu of the dashboard to export a mind map.


The following dialog will show up after you've clicked on Export

You can export mind maps to the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word

    Transfer your thoughts to a formatted outline with using Microsoft Word. You can select various layout and content options.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

    Present your mind maps using Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Portable Document Format (PDF)

    A graphic representation of you mind map(s) including all colors and icons in PDF format. You can choose paper size and format.

  • Document Outline

    A text outline of the mind map that can be opened in applications such as Microsoft Word or WordPad.

  • Image File

    A graphic representation of the mind map including all colors and icons to reuse in documents or for archiving. You can choose between GIF, PNG or JPG format.

  • MindMeister format

    A xml-based format to backup your mind maps.

  • FreeMind™

    A popular open source mind mapping editor (version 0.9 and higher).

  • Mindjet MindManager™

    Use your mind maps within MindManager™ (version 6 and higher).

  • XMind

    A popular open source mind mapping editor (version 3.2.x and above).

  • Archive of Image Files (Presentation export)

        Export the map presentation slides as images (.zip)