Print your maps (Old Version)

Old Article

Watch out! This article refers to the old version of MindMeister. If you're a new user, head over to this article to find the most up-to-date information on this topic.

You can easily print your maps and adjust the size of your format.

Click the Print button located in the bottom right side


Printing is available from the Personal plan upwards. After you click the Print button you are presented with the print options in the bottom bar.


Per default, the print option is selected to Single Page. This allows you to print your MindMap directly in a single page depending on the paper format you select.

There are different paper formats you can pick from such as A4, A3, Custom, Legal, and others.

If you want to print your MindMap on multiple pages just switch from Single Page to Multiple Pages.


MindMeister will then automatically calculate the used pages according to the selected paper format (A4 per default) and you are able to re-arrange or modify the printing canvas for the different pages.



Check the box beside Print Background if you want to print the MindMap background as well (enabled by default).

Lastly, click on Save as PDF to save the MindMap to a PDF file or click Print in order to print your MindMap.

Tip: If your browser doesn't return the desired printing format, feel free to export the mind map as image, and print directly from your desktop.