Map properties

The map properties section will help you to label your maps and make it easier to find for yourself or your collaborators. All elements in the map properties are discussed below. 

Click on the Info icon from the Map Actions menu to access the map properties.


1. You can use this button to send the mind map to trash.

2. You can edit the map Title, Description or Tags to make it easier to be found by you or the people you shared with. The title is by default the same as the root topic of your map, you can change that here. 

3. Is a secret way to find out the number of topics on your map. You just have to click the word "Location"

4. If you want to manage your tasks better, or turn your ideas into action, you can connect your map with the task management software MeisterTask. 

5. Mark this checkbox if you want to be notified about map changes per email or Twitter.

6. Share your map. More information about sharing here