Map themes

You can choose any number of our hand-picked themes or customize your map theme to give your mind map just the right touch.

Default Themes | Customize Map Theme

Default Themes

You can choose one of the existing themes and apply it with just two clicks. 

1. Click on the map properties icon

2. Select any of the themes listed

Our themes include various background colors, topic types and connection types.

Click on Customize... at the top of the theme list to apply an individual styling or branding to your map.

Saved custom themes will be listed underneath the default theme templates. 

Customize Map Theme

You can customize your topic styling in 3 different topic levels. Choose the particular topic from the dropdown menu or click on the topic in the preview window to change the settings.


By using the Background & Lines option you can change your background color or even upload your own background grid / image / wallpaper to your mind map.

Lines are customizable in 3 different styles and multiple colors.

Users of the MindMeister Pro, Business and Academic Edition are able to save map themes for the team by clicking Save....

Saved map themes will automatically be added as templates to your Team section. See screenshot below.