Here, you can access your subscription information, upgrade to another plan or for Business Edition users, adjust your user count here.

Tip: If you'd like to upgrade your account, all payments received will immediately be transferred to the new subscription.

Upgrade Change user count Downgrade

Click on your Name in the toolbar to open a dropdown menu and access your My Account settings.


The My Account settings include all your personal account information and settings. You can change your Personal Info, Subscription and Billing here.

The Subscription tab is selected by default.

You now have access to your current plan and other subscription options.



You can upgrade your plan immediately if you need a specific feature or simply want to extend your team.

Click on Upgrade at the bottom of your desired plan to upgrade.

Your existing paid plan will be credited automatically during the upgrade.

You can verify your current, or change your billing information during the upgrade process.


Change user count

You can immediately extend your team and invite additional team members to collaborate on your maps.

Switch to your desired user count and click onUpdate to activate additional users.

The Instant fee will automatically be calculated depending on your remaining subscription balance.

The Next payment displays information about your next scheduled payment.

You can only add multiple users to the Pro & Business plan.


If you really want to downgrade your account, you can schedule a downgrade for the end of your current subscription period.

Click on Downgrade to schedule a downgrade for the end of your current subscription period.


You can cancel your paid subscription by clicking on Downgrade to Basic Edition at the bottom of the subscription page.

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