Spread the Love (Referral Program)

Referring new users to MindMeister pays off! Users on our Basic plan can unlock additional space for mind maps in their accounts, while users on our paid plans can earn a cash commission for each new paying customer they refer to MindMeister. 


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Referral Program for Basic Users

Users of MindMeister's free Basic plan can earn additional free mind map slots by inviting friends to MindMeister via their personal affiliate link or by publishing mind maps. You will receive one additional free map slot for each person who finds out about MindMeister through your invitation or your public mind map and subsequently creates an account. The maximum number of free maps a Basic account can store is 13 (including the 3 free maps that are always included in MindMeister's Basic plan).


Affiliate System for Paying Users

Paying MindMeister users can earn an affiliate commission by referring new customers to MindMeister via their personal affiliate link or by publishing mind maps. You will earn a 20% commission for each paid conversion you've facilitated. Commissions are paid on a recurring basis. This means you will receive 20% of every payment the referred customer makes, indefinitely. 


Each MindMeister user automatically receives a personal affiliate code. This code can be added at the end of any MindMeister URL, turning it into an affiliate link. 


Basic users can find their personal affiliate link on the Invitations page in their My Account area. To access this page, click on your user avatar in the upper right corner of your dashboard and select Spread the Love from the popover menu.


Paying users can find their personal affiliate link in MindMeister’s partner portal. To access the portal, click on your user avatar in the upper right corner of your dashboard and select Partner from the popover menu. 


By default, your affiliate link uses the URL of MindMeister’s homepage (www.mindmeister.com), but if you prefer to link to another MindMeister page, such as www.mindmeister.com/pricing or www.mindmeister.com/meeting-management, for instance, you can easily add your affiliate code at the end of these URLs instead. 



Paying users can also add their personal affiliate code at the end of any MeisterTask URL (such as www.meistertask.com). MeisterTask referrals are tracked the same way as MindMeister referrals and earn you a 20% commission on paid signups.

Once you’ve copied your affiliate link, you can use it to promote MindMeister in various ways. You might for instance:

  • Share the link on your social media channels
  • Include it in a newsletter to your subscribers
  • Use it in a blog post that promotes MindMeister
  • Send it to friends or colleagues directly


MindMeister also offers a Banner Wizard that lets you embed promotional banners in your website with your affiliate link. Basic users can find the Banner Wizard on the Banners and Logos page. Paying users can find the Banner Wizard in the partner portal



If the banners aren't displayed correctly, please try turning off your ad blocker.


Referring Users Through Your Public Mind Maps

Any MindMeister user can create and publish mind maps, regardless of their subscription plan. When you publish mind maps and share them on your website/blog/social media channels, they can become popular, rank well in search engines and get tens of thousands of views. If somebody views your mind map and subsequently signs up for a MindMeister account, you as the author of the public map will receive the referral benefits for this new sign-up, just as if they had clicked on your affiliate link. You can learn more about the public map affiliate program in this blog article.


Tracking Referrals and Managing Your Commission

Whenever somebody clicks on your affiliate link and subsequently signs up, the referral will be credited to your account. 

Basic users can track their sign-ups and the additional map slots they’ve earned through them on the Earned Bonus page. The map slots are unlocked automatically in your account, so there is nothing else you need to do.


Paid users can track their sign-ups, paid upgrades, and the commission they’ve earned through them in the partner portal under My Commission.


Once your commission has reached 150$ (or the equivalent of this sum in your currency) in total, you can request a payout via PayPal. To do this, enter your PayPal address in the email field below the commission table and click Save, then click Request Payout


Alternatively, you can also send an invoice to support@mindmeister.com to request your payout. Please make sure to include your PayPal address on the invoice and send it from the email address you use to log in to MindMeister.



Check the box “Notify me via email as soon as I’ve reached 150$” to get an automatic alert whenever you qualify for a payout.



To view answers to frequently asked questions regarding the affiliate system, please visit the Affiliate Program page.


Terms and Conditions

Please note that by using Meister's affiliate program, you agree to the program's terms and conditions.