Team Settings

Among other things, you can manage the following settings in your My Account area: 

Details | Logo | Access | Invitations | Disable Features 


To access the My Account area, click on your user avatar in the upper right corner of your screen and select My Account from the dropdown menu.


In the My Account area, scroll down to the Team section and click on Settings.



Team Details

Change your team name or domain here and click on Save to apply all changes.

The team domain can be used for the custom login (



Team Logo

If you want your team to see the logo of your own company instead of the MindMeister logo, this can be easily changed. Just scroll down until you see the MindMeister logo and click on Change. You can then upload a file from your local hard drive.



Restrict Access

Add your IP address or IP address range to allow access only from the defined addresses. Make sure that you are providing the correct addresses as you will be locked out of your account otherwise.


Restrict Invitations

If you don't want your team members to share mind maps with persons outside of your team or domain, you can specify these restrictions here as well. 



Disable Features

MindMeister also allows you to disable certain features for team members to increase security and privacy. Simply check the boxes next to the features you'd like to disable.