Share your mind maps

All your maps are private by default. However, if you decide to share your work, you can do that securely at mindmeister. Share your maps with individuals, groups, or with everyone on the web by making it public. 

Invite people | Link share | Publish map | Settings |  Nudge function


To invite people you can use the Share button in the toolbar of your dashboard or share directly from within a mind map.

Share from within a mind map

Click on the Share (1) button from the map footer to open the sharing dialog. For instructions on how to share a mind map from the dashboard see: Dashboard sharing

The following dialog will show up after you've clicked on Share.


Invite people

If you want to share your mind map with specific individuals you can just type in their email addresses at (1) and press (2) and they will receive an invitation email. See screenshot listed above. 


Link share

To generate an URL for sharing directly with your users mark the checkbox from (3) and then copy the link (4). See screenshot listed above. 


Publish map

Make your mind map public on the internet by clicking Publish map... (5) Then copy the link from the next screen and share it on your social media, blog and website to make sure it will reach as many users as possible. See screenshot listed above. 


Sharing Settings

To share directly on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter or Biggerplate use the social media buttons.

For more advanced sharing options please click Sharing Settings... (6). The dialog below will open. 

Here you will see the current sharing status of the map and you have the following sharing settings available: 


Switch between Can edit and Can view to change permissions or click the 'x' button to remove a collaborator. 

You can allow or restrict collaborators to invite people by using the checklist "Editors are allowed to add people."

Only users which are invited personally or through a collaborator (if this is allowed) will have access to this mind map.

If you enabled sharing via URL, an URL will be displayed in the box. You can copy it or embed it on your website or blog by clicking on the "Embed map..." link. 

You can generate a new link by clicking on Generate new URL if your link is in wrong hands. 

The last screen from the Sharing settings... is listed below: 

Besides the options you already saw before you have an option to select the Language of your map, and the Category. This information is used for the correct listing of your map in our public map directory:


Nudge function - user not responding to invitation

When a user is not responding to an invitation, a special sleep icon will be displayed next to his email address in the Sharing Settings window. 

You can send such users a reminder by clicking on their name (1). 

The following dialog will appear. You just have to fill in your message and click on "Nudge friend".