Share your mind maps (Old Version)

Old Article

Watch out! This article refers to the old version of MindMeister. If you're a new user, head over to this article to find the most up-to-date information on this topic.

In MindMeister, all your mind maps are private by default. However, you can share mind maps with others if you want, either by inviting them via email, or by sharing a secure link with them. 

You can choose between granting your invitees the right to edit your map and the right to only view it, and you can revoke access to your map at any time.

Note: MindMeister also lets you publish your mind maps, so that everybody on the web can find and view them. For more information on this, please see our article about publishing mind maps

How to Share Mind Maps

Option 1: Email invitations

1) Click on the "Share" button in the map footer to open the share dialog. 

2) Type the email address of your invitee into the "Invite People" field and click on "Invite". 


When you share mind maps this way, the person you've invited receives an email from MindMeister with an invitation to enter the map. If the person doesn't yet have a MindMeister account, they will be asked to create a free Basic account before being able to access the map. 

By default, the person you've invited will have editing rights, enabling them to collaborate with you on the map. However, you can change their permissions in the Sharing Settings.

Note: Users of MindMeister's Business plan are able to create Groups of users within their team and easily share mind maps with whole groups at once, by entering the group's name in the email invitation field. 

Option 2: Link Sharing

1) Click on the "Share" button in the map footer to open the share dialog. 

2) Click into the box next to "Link to share". A checkmark will appear alongside a link in the field below.

3) Click on "Copy Link" to copy the secure share link to your clipboard. 

4) Paste the link anywhere you like - into an email, a Slack message, a document or a MeisterTask task.


Note: Sharing mind maps this way allows even people who don't have a MindMeister account to access your mind map. These people will show up as anonymous users in the map editor. 

Note: By default, people with the share link will have editing rights to your mind map, enabling them to collaborate with you. However, you can change their permissions in the Sharing Settings.

Tip: You can disable link sharing for your team in your Security Settings.  

Sharing Settings

Change the access rights of a collaborator

You can change the access rights of individual collaborators in the Sharing Settings.
1) To access the settings, click on "Share" in the map footer and then select "Sharing Settings"
2) Hover over one of the collaborators until the X and the little triangle appear on the right side of their entry.
3) Click on the X to remove the collaborator from the mind map.
4) Click on the little triangle and select "Can view" or "Can edit" to change the person's permissions. 

Generate a new share link

If your share link has fallen into the wrong hands, you can generate a new share link for your mind map. The moment a new link is created, the old link becomes invalid. You can then share the new link with the right people.