Editing Maps

In this article, we'll show you the basics of creating and editing a mindmap:



  • Click on the + button or press INS or TAB to add an idea
  • Click on the delete icon or press DEL to delete an idea
  • Double-click anywhere on the map to add a new top level idea
  • Drag and drop ideas to rearrange them on your map
  • Use cursor keys to navigate through your map
  • Be more productive with keyboard shortcuts

All your changes are saved automatically so there is no need to save them manually. You can undo changes and easily revert to previous versions.

Keyboard shortcuts | Map Toolbar | Connections

Floating topics

Float topics without any connection to the root topic to create keys, indexes or maps including several main topics.

To create floating topics you just have to right-click any topic on your map and select "Disconnect".

Please note: Floating topics only work with the default map layout.

Map Types


You can select multiple topics and apply the same styles, icons and even notes, by using the familiar key shortcuts of your operating system.

  • Press SHIFT to select a range of topics with the same parent
  • Press Ctrl to select multiple single topics
  • Press Ctrl + A to select all topics
  • Press Ctrl+, Ctrl+ to select the next level left / right

You can then apply the same format, icon, note, link and task to your topics with just one click and save a lot of time.

Like in a real desktop application you can drag & drop multiple topics and use cut, copy and paste to move your topics to another parent or map.

Please note: Cut does not work between maps.

Keyboard shortcuts

Copy and Paste

You can easily copy entire branches of ideas by using the Cut, Copy and Paste buttons in the toolbar. The same may be accomplished by using their respective keyboard shortcuts.

You can also copy an entire branch to another mind map by clicking Copy on the desired branch in the source mind map and switching to another mind map via the Map switch feature in the toolbar. Once in your desired map, clicking Paste will insert the copied material.

Please note: Cut does not work between maps.

Keyboard shortcuts Map Toolbar

Map Types

Select out of several map layouts for working on your map.

To switch to another map layout open the mind map properties, and change the alignment as indicated in the screenshot below. 



Connect your ideas to highlight important aspects of your map, or to simply optimize your personal way of thinking and working.

To add connections between ideas click the Connect button in the top toolbar or press ALT+C after selecting the source idea of your connection.

You can access additional options or remove your connections by clicking on the circle at the end of your connection.

Adjust the angle of your connection, add a label or change the color of your connections by using the connection menu.


Keyboard shortcuts Map Toolbar


All changes of your mind maps are saved automatically, so there is no need to press a save button. Your idea will be saved as soon as you press ENTER after editing an idea.

You can undo and redo all changes with the Undo and Redo buttons in the toolbar or by using their respective keyboard shortcuts.

We store the entire change history of a map as separate revisions, or versions. You can revert to a particular prior revision of your map by using the History View.

Keyboard shortcuts History View