Add notes to your map

You can add notes to give your ideas a longer description or help your collaborators get the "bigger picture".


Use the Notes widget in the sidebar to add notes to your ideas.

Add a note by entering text in the yellow area. Notes are saved automatically when you leave the notes box by clicking anywhere on the canvas of the map, so there is no need for a manual save.

However, we do have an option for manual saving if that's needed: Ctrl+S

Click on the Delete icon to remove a note.



You can access our WunderNote™ feature by clicking on the Wand icon at the bottom of the yellow area to find the best description for your topics using various sources from the internet.

You can use WunderNote™ e.g. to add standard definitions for terms such as Web 2.0 or Subprime, or companies such as BMW or MindMeister. To get the best results from WunderNote™, avoid complex words or phrases.

Tip: You can click the Wand icon multiple times to get the best result for your ideas.

All topics with attached notes will be marked with a note icon after the idea title.

You can view a preview of the note when hovering over the topic icon for more than a second. This is especially useful in view mode when there is no sidebar available.


Click on Advanced... to open the advanced note editing dialog to add more text or use formatting functions.

This dialog provides more space for editing extensive notes as well as the ability to add formatting such as font styles, colors, lists or links. You can also click the "Switch to plain text" button if you want to clear all the formatting.