Assign tasks

You can add tasks to your topics, use them for things such as personal organization, or project management.

Use the Tasks widget in the sidebar to assign tasks to your ideas.

Priority and Completion are set using icons.

Due Date denotes the deadline by which the task is to be completed.

Assigned To should contain the name of the person responsible for completing the task.

Click on the Remove button to remove a task.



You can access our WunderTask™ feature by clicking on the Wand icon at the bottom of the task widget area to get your tasks allocated in a collaborative session.

Each collaborator will receive a notification with their assigned tasks.

Tip: You can click the Wand icon multiple times to assign the task to another collaborator.

All topics with assigned tasks will be marked with a task icon after the idea title.

Task information is displayed inline per default. This is especially useful in view mode when there is no sidebar available.


Click on Advanced... to open the advanced task dialog and add additional task parameters or change notification settings.

This dialog provides more information for editing tasks as well as the ability to add an e-mail reminder for tasks.

Task Feeds