Publish/Unpublish a Mind Map (Old Version)

Old Article

Watch out! This article refers to the old version of MindMeister. If you're a new user, head over to this article to find out about the all-new MindMeister.

Publishing your map means making it available publicly on the internet with a unique URL, just like a small website or article. The mind map will be indexed by search engines, and it will be automatically added to our public map library. Once your map is made public, you can also embed it on a website or in a blog.

By default, people on the internet can view your public maps but not edit them in any way. They can zoom in and out, open and close branches, read notes you may have attached or click on links you may have added to topics. 

Note: Publishing mind maps can earn you money, learn more about our public map referral program here. 

How to Publish a Mind Map

Anybody with a MindMeister account can create and publish mind maps, independent of their subscription model. Take a look at the short demo video below to see how it works:

You can publish your map from your dashboard or from your map editor. To publish from the map editor please follow these three simple steps: 

1. Click the Share button in your map footer to open the share dialog. 




2. Click the Publish map... button. A dialog will then guide you to confirm by clicking OK, your mind map will then be public. 

3. Once your map is public, you can easily share it with your followers or on your social media using the share buttons in the Share dialog. 


How to Unpublish a Mind Map

If you would like to unpublish a map, click on the Share button, then click on Sharing settings. Then use your cursor to hover over the anyone on the web option, an X should appear on the right side, click on it to remove this option. This will unpublish your mind map meaning no one will be allowed to see your mind map.