Personal Info

You can edit your personal details, change your email and password, manage connected accounts, and set a time and language for MindMeister in the My Account area. 



Change Your Personal Details

In the first tab, called General, you can change your personal details such as your name, username, website, description (bio), and your user avatar. Click on Save Changes after you're done editing, to ensure your changes are saved.


Change Your Password and Email

Switch to the second tab, called Password and Email, to change your password or enter a different email address. Click on Save Changes after you're done editing, to ensure your changes are saved.



Enable or Disable Two-Factor Authentication

Within the Password and Email tab, you can also enable or disable Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Whenever you log in, you'll need to enter both your password and also a security code from an app on your mobile phone. 

We have currently tested the following apps, but others should work as well: 

  • Google Authenticator
  • Authy 2-Factor Authenticator
  • PW 2-factor Authenticator
  • 1Password


Set the Time and Language

Switch to the third tab, called Time and Language to change the following settings:

  • Language (=the language that MindMeister displays)
  • Date format (=the format in which all dates are displayed)
  • Time zone (=the time zone you're located in)
  • Start of the week (choose between Monday or Sunday)

Click Save Changes after you're done editing, to ensure your changes are saved. 


Manage Connected Accounts and API Authorizations:

Switch to the 4th tab, called Connected Accounts, to manage all accounts and APIs connected to MindMeister. 

Connecting MindMeister with one of your existing accounts, such as your Facebook account, enables you to login to MindMeister using your Facebook account, use your Facebook avatar, and invite users from your friends list. 

To connect an account, click on the blue +Connect button and follow the instructions from the wizard. 


Below your connected accounts, you will find a list of all authorized API applications. You can revoke the authorization for any of these APIs by clicking the Revoke button next to it.