MindMeister for Google Drive

MindMeister now fully integrates with Google Drive and gives you many powerful possibilites.

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Export maps Adding files Contacts Bulk Export Drive Sync

Installing MindMeister on Google Drive

Getting started with a fresh MindMeister installation on Google Drive is very simple. Just click the button below to add the MindMeister service to your Google Drive account via the Google Chrome Store (the Google Chrome Store works only with Google Chrome).

You can connect your Google Account with your existing MindMeister account in your Apps sectionto prevent multiple accounts.

Connected Apps

Creating new mind maps on Google Drive

Creating new mind maps on Google Drive is really easy and can be done with a click. Just create a new document by clicking on Create and choose our Mind Map format from the list.

A new mind map will be created for you and you will get automatically redirected to the map editor.

All new mind maps will be automatically saved on Google Drive and synced flawlessly to MindMeister.

Open existing mind maps on Google Drive

You can open your stored mind maps directly with MindMeister. Just click on any supported mind map file to open it with MindMeister.

Your chosen mind map will be automatically opened in the MindMeister map editor if you opened a native MindMeister file.

You will be prompted with the following dialog if you opened one of our supported file formats (MindManager™, FreeMind, XMind):

You can choose your desired format for working on that map. We recommend using the MindMeister format.

Importing maps from Google Drive

You can import mind maps in all our supported formats directly from Google Drive.

Use the Import button in the toolbar of your dashboard to import a mind map from Google Drive.


The following dialog will show up after you've clicked on Import

Just click on Import from Google Drive to select your desired mind map from a list containing all your Google Drive files.

The imported mind map will be added to your map list and you will able to start working on it.


Exporting a mind map to Google Drive

You can export your mind map to Google Drive in one of our supported formats.

Just click on Export to Google Drive in the export dialog.

Your mind map will be exported to Google Drive in the selected format.

Adding attachments from Google Drive

MindMeister allows you to directly add additional files from your Google Drive to your map.

Click on the arrow right to the Upload File...button to open the menu and click on from Google Drive.

A dialog will pop up containing a list of all your Google Drive files. Just select the desired files from the list to add them to your map.


Inviting Google Contacts

You can invite people to a mind map directly from your Google Contacts.

Just Invite people and switch to Google Contacts to select the desired contacts and add them to your map.

Your invited people will automatically receive an email on how to collaborate with you on your mind map.

Bulk Export to Google Drive

You can export all your mind map bundled as a ZIP archive to your Google Drive.

Just open your application settings and switch to Tools to access the bulk export.

Switch to the Bulk Export, choose your desired format and click on Export to Google Drive to create a ZIP backup of all your mind maps stored on your Google Drive.

Syncing your mind maps with Google Drive

All maps created from your Google Drive dashboard are automatically synced with MindMeister.

You can include syncing for your existing MindMeister maps and automatically save all maps on Google Drive as well.

Just open your application settings and switch to Tools to access the Drive sync.

Switch to Google Drive sync and enable the switch to activate sync for all of your maps.