Use Keyboard Shortcuts

This feature is available to all users

Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate MindMeister and edit your mind maps.

Basic Shortcuts

INS or TAB Add a sub-topic
RETURNEnter Add a sibling topic below the current topic
SHIFT+RETURNEnter Add a sibling topic above the current topic
DEL or BACKSPACE Delete an idea
⌥+C Add a connection
, , , Navigate between topics
SPACE Show/hide branches
0 Reset zoom level
+, - Zoom in, out
F6 Recenter

Find topic


Select and Edit Topics

Ctrl+A Select all topics
Ctrl-RETURNEnter Edit Caption
RETURNEnter Commit changes
ESC Cancel editing
SHIFT+RETURNEnter Add line break


Format Text

Ctrl+B Toggle bold
Ctrl+I Toggle italic
ALT+SHIFT-, Make font bigger / smaller


Move and Rearrange Topics

Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+SHIFT+V Paste Style
Ctrl-, Ctrl- Move topic up / down


Advanced Shortcuts

Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
ALT+1 / 2 / 9 or 0 Show 1 / 2 / All Levels
ALT+SHIFT+N Add note
ALT+SHIFT+ I Add image
ALT+SHIFT+ C Add comment 
ALT+SHIFT+A Add attachment
ALT+SHIFT+T Create task 
M or Ctrl+M Open Styling Menu
O or Ctrl+ K Open Map Switcher
Ctrl+ . Open Focus Mode
SHIFT+ Scroll Scroll horizontally

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