Collapsing and Expanding Topics

With this feature, you can expand or collapse topics within your mind maps. This allows you to:


  • Why collapse or expand topics?
  • Levels of detail.
  • Collapse or expand topics with your mouse(pad).
  • Collapse or expand topics via key shortcuts.


How to Collapse or Expand Topics


Why Collapse or Expand Topics?


  • Expand topics to see more detail at each level of your mind map.
  • Collapse topics to hide details and see a more simplified overview.

You can collapse and expand topics with your mouse or keyboard.


Levels of detail


You can choose between 3 levels of detail for your mind map: 

One Level: Only the topics connected directly to the selected topic are shown.

Two Levels: The topics connected directly to the selected topic and every topic connected to these are shown.

All: All topics connected to the selected topic are shown. 


 Collapse or Expand Topics with your Mouse(pad)


  1. Right-click on the topic you wish to expand or collapse.Collapse_1_2x.png
  2. Choose “Show Detail”Collapse_2_2x.png
  3. Select the level of detail you wish to see.Collapse_3_2x.png


Collapse or Expand Topics via Key Shortcuts


Please note: The keyboard shortcuts only work for the entire mind map, not for each topic.


  1. Enter Alt+1 (Option+1 on Mac) for one level, Alt+2 (Option+2) for two levels, or Alt+9 (Option+9) for all levels



If you’re still having trouble…