Add Comments to Topics

This feature is available to all users

Add comments to communicate with other collaborators and exchange ideas without directly editing your map.

Add a Comment to a Topic

  1. Right-click the topic you'd like to comment on.


    If you don't have a right mouse button, select the topic and click the ellipsis (...) which appears.

  2. Click the Actions icon.
  3. Click Comment.
  4. Type a comment and press ENTER.


Formatting Text in Comments

You can format text in your comments using Markdown. Find out more here.

View, Edit and Delete Comments

  1. Once you've left a comment on a topic, a small comment icon will appear in that topic's bubble. Click this icon to view all comments.
  2. To edit or delete a comment, hover your mouse over the comment text and click the small expand arrow which appears. Select Edit... or Delete from the drop-down menu.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Select a topic and press ALT+SHIFT+ C to add a comment.

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