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  • MindMeister Basic
  • MindMeister for Education
  • MindMeister Personal, Pro and Business
  • Meister Suite
  • Payment Options 


About MindMeister Pricing


MindMeister currently offers a range of different subscription plans, as well as various discount programs.


MindMeister Basic


Your basic account is created for you automatically when you sign up to MindMeister.

The Basic plan is available for free and offers everything you need for simple and fun mind mapping alone or with friends. You can create and store up to three mind maps, although you can unlock up to 10 additional free maps via our Referral System


MindMeister for Education


MindMeister offers a discount for teachers, students, educational institutions and NGOs. To find out more, visit our dedicated article here.


MindMeister Personal, Pro and Business


For an overview of our Personal, Pro and Business plans and their features, please view our Feature Comparison.

Non-education users can choose between three different paid subscription plans in MindMeister. These plans enable you to create and store an unlimited number of mind maps. In addition to this, each plan adds different features which transform MindMeister into a powerful tool for personal use or for your business. 


Meister Suite


Meister products are designed to integrate smoothly together.

If you purchase a subscription for MindMeister Pro and MeisterTask Pro together, you can make use of our Bundle discount


Payment Options


For up-to-date information on our pricing, please visit our pricing page.


A MindMeister subscription can be paid via PayPal or credit card, and you may choose between paying on an annual or semi-annual basis. 

If you're interested in purchasing more than 5 licenses for your team, please feel free to contact our sales department at: 

MindMeister also offers a discount when opting for yearly instead of 6-monthly payments.



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