Change Map Appearance

This article will help you to change the appearance of your mind map in MindMeister. It includes the following steps.


  • Select a theme.
  • Customize the appearance of topics individually.
  • Customize the appearance of topics in bulk.


Please note..

This article relates to a new, beta version of MindMeister. If you're not using it yet, you'll need this article for support on this topic.

How to Change Your Map’s Appearance


Select a Theme


Themes create a consistent visual style for all elements of your mind map. To select a theme:

  1. Right-click on an empty area of your map and select Themes. Alternatively, click the (i) in the top-left corner of the screen, then select Themes.

  2. Choose a new theme from the list.


Customize the Appearance of Topics Individually


You can also customize individual elements of your mind map. You are able to change their size, color, font, line style and more.


To customize the visual style manually: 


  1. Select the topic you wish to change the style of.

  2. Select the characteristic you wish to customize from the context menu bar (shape/line/font).

  3. Select a new style from the context menu panel.

You can also adjust font styles using markdown commands. Read the help center article on markdown for further instructions.


You can find out more about formatting options in this help center article.

Customize the Appearance of Topics in Bulk


You can select and customize multiple elements simultaneously using multi-select. 


  • Press SHIFT to select a range of topics with the same parent.
  • Press CTRL (CMD on Mac) to select multiple single topics.
  • Press CTRL + A (CMD+A on Mac) to select all topics.
  • Press CTRL+← (CMD+← on Mac) or CTRL+→ (CMD+→  on Mac) to select the next level to the left or right.


Then, select a new appearance option using the instructions above. Customizing a style when multiple topics are selected will apply the changes to all topics in the selection. 



If you’re still having trouble…