Customize Your Map's Appearance

This feature is available to all users

Mind maps in MindMeister are fully customizable. Select a pre-made theme for a consistent visual style or stylize topics individually.



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Select a Pre-Made Theme

Themes create a consistent visual style for all elements of your mind map. To select a theme for your map:


  1. Open a mind map.
  2. Click the themes icon on the right sidebar.
  3. Select a new theme for your mind map.



Stylize Topics Individually

You can also customize individual elements of your mind map to change their size, color, font, line style and more. To stylize a topic:


  1. Right-click a topic (or select a topic and click the ellipsis ...).


  2. Click the style icon (paintbrush).
  3. Use the styling menu to choose new colors and styles for your topic's shape, border and connecting line.

Bulk Editing

Hold CTRL to select multiple topics. Press CMD/CTRL + A to select all topics.



Undo Styling Changes

If you'd like to undo all custom styling changes and revert back to your chosen theme, click the themes icon (see above) and select Reset theme

Show as Boundary

Check the Show as Boundary box to create a dividing line or box surrounding the selected topic and its subtopics.



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