Format Map Topics

This article will help you to format map topics. It includes information about:


  • Context menu bar
  • Shape, stroke and fill panel
  • Line style panel
  • Font style panel


This article focuses on formatting map topics individually. For information on themes and bulk actions, go to this help center article.

Please note..

This article relates to a new, beta version of MindMeister. If you're not using it yet, you'll need this article for support on this topic.

How to Format Map Topics


Context Menu Bar


Formatting options for map topics can be found in the context menu bar. This appears whenever you select a topic. Any changes made will affect only the selected topic (multiple topics if more than one is selected) and its connected line. 



Shape, Stroke and Fill


This context menu panel allows you to change how the topic “bubble” is displayed. 


  1. Shape. Selects a shape for the topic outline
  2. Fill. Selects a color for the topic (fills inside the selected shape).

  3. Stroke. Selects outline style, width and color for the selected shape.

  4. Show as boundary. Shows/hides a line around the edge of the selected topic and any child topics connected to it. 


Line Style


This context menu panel allows you to change how the line connecting the selected topic to the next line in the hierarchy is changed. 


To change a branch line color, select the last item in the branch list.

  1. Color. Changes the color of the selected line.

  2. Width. Changes the width of the selected line.

  3. Style. Changes between dotted and solid lines.

  4. Map Layout. Changes the layout of child topics from the selected topic (topics with manual layout only). Read more.

  5. Shape. Change between straight and dynamic lines.


Font Style


This context menu panel allows you to change how the topic’s text is displayed.


You can also change font style using markdown syntax. Read this help center article for further details.


  1. Color. Changes the color of the selected topic’s text.

  2. Style. Allows you to switch between regular, bold and italic text.

  3. Font size. Changes the size of the text in the selected topic.

  4. Font. Changes the font style of the selected text.


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