View and Edit Your Mind Map as a Bulleted Outline

This feature is available to all users

Switch to Outline Mode in the bottom-left corner of the map editor to view and edit your MindMap as a bulleted text outline. 

Switch to Outline Mode

You can switch to Outline Mode via the pop-up menu in the bottom-left corner of the map editor:


  1. Open a mind map.
  2. Click Mind Map in the bottom-left corner of your screen.
  3. Select Outline from the pop-up menu.


The hierarchy of your mind map will be reflected in the structure of your outline list. Your map’s central topic will become the main heading, first-level topics will become subheadings, etc.


Outline mode is only available on the web app.


Print an Outline:

Export and print your mind map - An outline is automatically added to the export.

Edit Your Map in Outline Mode

Once in Outline Mode, you can edit topics and rearrange your mind map from a new perspective.


  • To create a new topic, press ENTER.
  • To change a topic's hierarchy level,  use TAB and Shift + TAB.
  • To move a topic, highlight the topic and press CTRL + UP or CTRL + DOWN.
  • Click the expand arrow next to a topic to toggle between showing/hiding its sub-topics.


Tutorial Video: Turn an Existing List into a Mind Map

If you've already created a list in a word processor, you can copy and paste the list into outline mode (CMD/CTRL + V) to turn it into a visual mind map. To find out more, watch this short video tutorial: 


Be sure that your list is properly formatted in your word processor. Use separate lines (Return) to create new topics and use indentations (Tab) to show sub-topics and hierarchies.

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