Format Text in MindMeister

This feature is available to all users

You can format text and add emojis to your mind mapby using Markdown, a common markup language. See below for an extensive list of formatting commands.




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Format Text In Your Mind Map

To achieve the desired Text Style (left), enter the corresponding Markdown Text (right). Press ENTER to see your text in its new style.


Text Style

Markdown Text

Italic text *italic text* or _italic text_
Bold Text **bold text** or __bold text__
Strikethrough ~~This text will be struckthrough~~
Bold italics

***Bold italics*** or ___Bold Italics___



Add Emojis to Your Mind Map

You can bring up a menu of available Emojis by pressing the colon (:) key while typing in any mind map topic. Begin typing the name of the emoji you'd like to add, then choose one from the menu.




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