Use Markdown Syntax

This article will help you to format text in your mind map using markdown. It includes the following steps:


  • About markdown
  • Supported markdown syntaxes


How to Use Markdown Syntax


About Markdown


Markdown is a simple markup language that allows you to format plain text using a defined syntax. In MindMeister, you can use markdown syntax to change the appearance of text without having to leave the keyboard. 


Supported Markdown Syntaxes


  • Format text in italics using one asterisk or underscore *like this* or _like this_
  • Format text in bold using two asterisks or underscores **like this** or __like this__
  • Format text in bold italics using three asterisks or underscores ***like this*** or ___like this___
  • Strikethrough text using two tilde symbols ~~like this~~
  • Create an emoji 🙅 (use Slack syntax) using colons :like this: :+1: 



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