Copy and Paste

This article will help you to copy and paste in MindMeister. It includes the following information:


  • Copy and paste map topics and other text.
  • Copy and paste in outline mode. 
  • Copy and paste images.


All users can use this feature.


How to Copy and Paste in MindMeister


Copy and Paste Map Topics and Other Text


Cut, copy and paste in MindMeister are achieved using the CRTL+X/CTRL+C/CTRL+V (CMD+X/CMD+C/CMD+V on Mac) key shortcuts, or via the context menu. 


Here are some important points on cutting, copying and pasting:


  • Copying/cutting a mind map topic automatically cuts/copies its child topics. These will be pasted in the same hierarchical structure.
  • You can copy and paste topics across mind maps in different browser tabs/windows. However, cutting does not work in this scenario. 
  • Pasting while a topic is selected automatically adds the pasted content to the hierarchy level below. If no topic is selected, the pasted content will be added as a first-level topic. 
  • Pasting a link automatically creates a link widget in the selected topic (or in a new topic if none is selected).
  • Pasting plain text into a mind map automatically creates a new topic that contains the pasted text. If you are pasting long lists, consider using outline mode. 
  • You can copy images and paste them directly into your map’s topics.


Copy and Paste in Outline Mode


Outline mode allows you to use different note-taking styles and switch between them. Read this article on outline mode before you begin. 


You can paste text lists in outline mode. Any additions will be visible in your mind map when you switch back.

  • Pay attention to the topic hierarchy when adding new content. The original hierarchy from your copied text may change when pasted into outline mode.

  • Use TAB and SHIFT+TAB to change between hierarchy levels in outline mode.



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