Attach/Detach Topics

This article will help you to attach/detach topics in MindMeister. It includes the following information:


  • Attach/detach topics to/from the map structure.
  • Create floating topics. 


All users can use this feature.


How to Attach/Detach Topics


Create a Floating Topic


Floating topics are not connected to the central topic. They can be used to create keys, indexes or new map layouts without a clear connection to the central topic.


To create a floating topic: 


  1. Right-click on an empty space in the map and select Add floating topic.

  2. Add content to the topic and press ENTER to save.

Attach/Detach Topics


Unless they were created as “floating”, topics are attached by default.


To detach a topic:


  1. Right-click on the topic you want to detach (or select it and open the context menu.)

  2. Select Detach to remove the connection and cause the topic to “float.”


To attach a floating/detached topic: 


  1. Right-click on the floating topic you want to attach (or select it and open the context menu.)

  2. Select Reattach to establish a connection to the main map structure.

  3. If necessary, drag and drop the new topic to a new position. You can select “Auto layout” afterward to maintain the layout of your map. 


“Reattach” connects the selected topic either to the parent topic it was previously connected to, or the central topic if it was created as “floating.”



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