Discounts for Edu Users

This article explains the available discounts on MindMeister licenses for students, educators and institutions. It includes:


  • Discounts are available to educational users.
  • Eligibility requirements for discounts. 
  • The process for claiming your discount. 


About Discounts for Edu Users


All qualified education users are eligible for a 50 percent discount on any MindMeister subscription. 



MindMeister also provides the Edu Campus plan for organizations purchasing licenses in bulk. Purchasing 20+ Edu licenses with the Edu Campus plan can bring significant savings in comparison to ordering individually.


The discount can be combined with an annual purchase discount to your MindMeister subscription, but not with other discounts, such as the MeisterBundle.

Eligibility for Discounts


The discount applies to active students, educators or qualifying institutions. To qualify, you must provide official documentation, such as a transcript, employee verification, or educational status. 



Not every organization is eligible for the education discount. We reserve the right to grant or deny access to this offer for any reason and to supplement or amend the eligibility guidelines at any time.

Process for Claiming Discounts


To apply for your discount:


  1. Submit a ticket request with information about your educational status and your contact details. Please indicate if you are purchasing a license for yourself or your entire class or institution.
  2. Select Nonprofit/Educational Discount as your Request Type. 
  3. Attach any relevant documentation (see eligibility requirements above) to the ticket.


Our Customer Success team will then review your application. Once your application and status are verified, we will send you a confirmation of the successful application and provide you with further information on completing your discounted purchase. Please allow at least 3 business days for processing. Applications without sufficient documentation to prove eligibility may lead to delays. 


If you’re still having trouble…