Add Notes to Topics

This feature is available to all users

Use Notes to add additional text to any topic without cluttering up your mind map.

Once you've added a note to a topic, a small note note icon will appear on the topic bubble. Click this icon to toggle between hiding or showing a topic's notes.

Add a Note to a Topic

  1. Right-click the topic you'd like to add a note to.


    If you don't have a right mouse button, select the topic and click the ellipsis (...) which appears.

  2. Click the Actions icon.
  3. Click Note.
  4. Type your note into the text box and press Enter.
  5. A note icon will appear in the topic's bubble. Click this icon to view your note.


View/Hide Notes

Once you've added a note to a topic, a small note icon will appear in that topic's bubble. Click this icon to view your note.

If your note is too long, you can click the pin icon to expand your note and view it in full on the right sidebar.


Delete a Note

To permanently delete a note from your mind map:


  1. Click the note icon to open your note.
  2. Select Clear.



If you accidentally delete a note, you can use the Versions Toolbar to restore a previous version of your map.

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