Add and Expand Notes

This article will help you to add and expand notes. This allows you to:


  • Add notes to map topics. 
  • Expand/collapse notes.
  • Remove notes from topics.


All users can use this feature.


Please note..

This article relates to a new, beta version of MindMeister. If you're not using it yet, you'll need this article for support on this topic.

How to Add and Expand Notes


About Notes


Notes allow you to add more text content to your map’s topics. When a topic has a note attached to it, a note icon appears on the right of the topic’s label. Click this to open the note.


Add a Note


Use the key shortcut SHIFT+Alt+N to quickly add notes to a topic. 


If you are not using key shortcuts:


  1. Select the topic that you wish to add a note to. 
  2. In the context menu bar, select the notes icon.
  3. Enter your note’s text into the box that appears. You can use markdown styling and emojis to format notes. Press enter to save the note.

Expand/Collapse a Note


If a note is very long, the editor view will cut off part of the note from view, which allows you to still see the rest of the map clearly. Expanding a note allows you to see its content in full. 


To expand/collapse a note:

  1. Create a new note or select an existing one using the steps above.
  2. Click on the pin icon to expand the note.
  3. To collapse the note, click the (x) on the expanded note (or press the Esc key).



While a note is expanded, you can continue to work on other topics in your mind map. Use the key shortcut SHIFT+Alt+N to navigate back to an expanded note at any time.

Remove a Note


  1. Find the topic you wish to remove a note from, then click the note icon.
  2. Click Clear to remove the note. 


If you’re still having trouble…