Create User Groups Within Your Team

Only Business Team Administrators can create user groups

Organize your team into user groups to quickly share mind maps with specific departments, squads or sub-teams within your organization. 


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What are User Groups?

Creating user groups allows you to quickly share mind maps with a specific group of users within your team.


User groups are particularly useful for larger teams, as it allows them to:


  • Quickly share or un-share mind maps with multiple team members at once.
  • Streamline the onboarding process. When new employees join your team they can be added to a specific user group, granting them immediate access to all mind maps shared with this group.


Create user groups for different departments, regional offices, leadership groups or sub-teams within your organization.



Create a User Group

Business team administrators can create a user group from the My Team section of the accounts page. To access this page and create a group:


  1. Click your user avatar in the top-right corner of the MeisterTask interface.
  2. Select Account to access the accounts page.
  3. Click My Team on the left side of the accounts page.
  4. Click + Add Group.


  5. Enter a name for your new group and click Add.

You can add users to your new group by clicking and dragging their username into one of your groups:



Share a Project With a User Group

Inviting a user group to a mind map works just like inviting a single user:


  1. Click Invite in the top-right corner of the map editor
  2. Enter the name of a user group in your team or select it from the suggestions listed.
  3. Click Invite. The entire user group now has access to your mind map.



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