Submit a Feature Request

This feature is available to all users

Your feedback counts! Visit the MindMeister Feature Board to submit feature requests and view/vote on other features currently under consideration by the MindMeister product team.



Access the Feature Board


  1. Click the Question Mark in the bottom-right corner of the MindMeister interface.
  2. Click Feature request from the pop-up menu.


You can also access the feature board directly via this link!



Submit your own feature request

To submit your own feature request, click the pink + Submit idea button in the top-right corner of the feature board.



Before submitting, be sure to describe your feature request, enter your e-mail address and rate the priority of your request. 



When submitting a request, be sure to describe:


  • Your feature idea

  • The problem you or your team would like to solve

  • How your proposed solution would help you solve this problem


Submitting a detailed feature request can help our product team to better understand your needs and come up with the best solution possible!


Rate and Provide Feedback on Other Feature Requests

The Feature Board also shows requests currently under consideration by the MindMeister team. Click on a proposed feature to provide your own feedback and rate how important this feature would be for you and your team.




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