Delete and Restore Mind Maps

Only personal, pro, and business users can restore trashed mind maps.

You can delete mind maps by moving them to the trash on the MindMeister dashboard. Paid users can recover and restore trashed mind maps indefinitely.

You can also empty your trash to permanently and irreversibly delete trashed mind maps.

Delete a Mind Map

You can delete any mind map by dragging and dropping into the trash on your dashboard. Hold CMD/CTRL to select multiple maps. 


You can also delete mind maps individually via the more options (...) menu:


  1. Hover your mouse over a mind map on your dashboard.
  2. Click the more options (...) button which appears.
  3. Select Move to trash from the drop-down menu.



Only map admins can delete a map. If you are not a map admin, moving a map to the trash will only cause you to "leave" that map's list of collaborators. Learn more about managing collaborators here.

Restore a Deleted Mind Map

Paid MindMeister users can restore trashed mind maps indefinitely. To restore a trashed mind map:


  1. Open the MindMeister dashboard.
  2. Click Trash on the left sidebar.
  3. In List view: hover your mouse over a trashed map and click the ellipsis (...). Select Restore from the dropdown menu.
  4. In Grid view: Click the Restore icon on any trashed mind map.


Restored mind maps will immediately appear under My Maps.

Permanently Delete Trashed Mind Maps

You can permanently delete trashed mind maps by clicking the Empty Trash icon while viewing your trashed maps.



Emptying your trash will permanently and irreversibly delete your trashed mind maps. In order to conform with data protection regulations, maps deleted in this way are completely unrecoverable, even by Meister support staff. 

Long story short: be careful when emptying your trash. The action can't be undone!


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