Add Additional Users to Your Team

This feature is only available to team admins

Team administrators can invite new users to join their team from the My Team section of the Accounts page.

Paid Teams:

Before inviting additional users to a Personal, Pro or Business Team, please ensure that your team has purchased enough licenses for your new colleagues.
Learn how to purchase additional licenses for your team here.

To Invite New Users to Join Your Team:

  1. Click your user avatar in the top-right corner of MindMeister.
  2. Select Account from the drop-down menu. This will open the Accounts page.
  3. Click My Team on the left side of the accounts page.
  4. Click the Invite button.


  5. In the next window, enter the e-mail addresses of your new team members and select which Meister Products you'd like to invite your new team members to use.

    Assigning Licenses (Paid Users)

    If you are managing a Personal, Pro or Business team, the number of available seats (licenses) for each product is displayed at the bottom of this window. Click "Add More" to purchase additional licenses for your team.

  6. Select Invite to send an e-mail invitation to each of your new colleagues. Once users have accepted your invitation, they will be immediately added to your team.


Users who already have their own paid subscription to a Meister product CANNOT join your team.

If one of your colleagues already has a paid license for a Meister product, they will first have to downgrade to a basic account in order to accept your invitation.

As soon as the invitees have accepted your invitation, they will be immediately added to your team. You can edit, disable or remove team members from the My Team section of the Accounts page. Find out more here.

View Pending Invitations

Outstanding invitations are valid for 30 days, during which time they can be viewed and managed from the My Team page. To do this, simply click the Pending Invitations button, as shown below:

pending invitations@2x.png

You can revoke an invitation at any time by clicking the next to your invitee's e-mail address:



Why can't I add certain users to my team?

Users who already have an active paid subscription to a Meister product (or are already a member of a paying team) cannot be invited to join your team. If you try to invite these users, you'll receive the following error message:Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 14.47.57.png

To solve this issue, your invitee will first need to downgrade their subscription to a basic account and/or leave their current team. Learn more here.

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