How Can I Best Transition to the New Editor?

At MindMeister, we've been busy perfecting our brand-new map editor: the sleekest and most modern mind mapping tool on the web. 

If you've been granted access to the new editor and need help with the transition, the following frequently asked questions can help:

Video: What's different in the new editor?

The all-new MindMeister editor features a streamlined user experience and modern design. Take a look at this quick tutorial video to learn more about some key features and upgrades to the platform:

Key Features and Upgrades: 

  1. Enjoy a modern, streamlined design to promote clarity, focus and creativity.
  2. Right-click on any topic to open the styling toolbar.
  3. Use the all-new theme library to create beautiful maps quickly.
  4. Turn your ideas into actionable tasks using the improved Integration with MeisterTask.
  5. Save time and stay focused with 40 brand-new map templates.
  6. Open the all-new Outline Mode to quickly convert bulleted lists into beautiful mind maps.

Have any Keyboard Inputs or Shortcuts Been Changed in the New Editor?

No - all keyboard inputs remain the same in the new editor. The ENTER and TAB keys remain your most important shortcuts for creating new topics.

The most significant change to the new editor is the the styling toolbar. The styling toolbar replaces the right sidebar in the legacy editor. It can be used to stylize your map and perform advanced actions.

To open the styling toolbar, right-click on any topic or use the vertical toolbar on the ride-hand side of the editor:


The styling toolbar contains five separate tabs:


Looking for more? Click here to explore the new map editor in detail.

How do I enable the new editor for my account?

Our team is currently in the process of rolling out the new editor to all users. If you've received an e-mail notification that your account has been transitioned, you'll open the new editor automatically

Where can I find mind map templates for the new editor?

The all-new MindMeister comes with a full catalogue of over 40 different templates: browse the Template Library to create beautiful mind maps fast.

Choose from templates in the following categories:


Can I open my old maps in the new editor?

Yes! Your MindMeister dashboard remains unchanged - open any mind map created with the legacy editor to immediately transfer it to the new editor.

Once you've transferred your maps, you can immediately edit and beautify your maps using the brand new theme library and styling toolbar.

Where can I send a feature request for the new editor?

Your feedback counts! Visit the MindMeister Community to submit feature requests and view/vote on other features currently under consideration by the MindMeister product team.

Where can I send feedback about the new editor?

If you have any feedback or suggestions for the new editor, please reach out to us directly using our contact form here. Use the subject line "New Editor Feedback" and we'll forward your ideas directly to the MindMeister team.


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