Legacy Mind Maps No Longer Supported on Android

These changes apply to all MindMeister mobile app users.

Starting July 1, 2024, the MindMeister mobile apps will no longer support creating, editing, or viewing legacy mind maps.

This means that any mind maps in the old MindMeister editor will not be accessible in the Android app and will only be available via web browser.

The mobile apps will exclusively support mind maps created using the new editor.

If you’d like to continue accessing legacy maps in the mobile app, you can switch them to the new editor in the desktop web browser.

What Is the Old Editor? What Is the New Editor?

MindMeister introduced a new, updated version of the editor in November 2021. We refer to mind maps created in the old editor as legacy mind maps.

Opening a legacy mind map in the new editor via web browser permanently converts it to the new editor, making it accessible via the mobile apps.

What Is a Legacy Mind Map?

A legacy mind map refers to mind maps created on the old MindMeister editor or the legacy editor. 

During our transition in June 2024, you can identify content created with the old editor in the mobile app by looking for a 'LEGACY' sticker. Starting July 1, 2024, these mind maps will no longer be accessible in the Android app.

Why Is My Legacy Mind Map No Longer Available on the Mobile App?

To streamline development and improve user experience, going forward MindMeister mobile apps will only support the new editor. Maintaining both the new and legacy editors within the app slows down the introduction of new features.

Can I still use MindMeister mobile apps to create, view and edit maps?

You’ll always be able to mind map on the go with your MindMeister mobile app. The functionality is the same, your mind maps just might look a little different.

Where Can I Find My Legacy Mind Map Content?

Your legacy mind maps are safely stored in your account and you won't lose any content. They can be accessed via web browser using the same account details as the mobile apps. You will retain access to all mind maps.

In order to access them, you need to:

  1. Open MindMeister through the desktop web browser via mindmeister.com
  2. Log in with your account details.
  3. Access all mind maps from your dashboard.

Do I Need to Take Any Action?

If you still have legacy mind maps and you’d like to access them via the mobile apps, you can open the maps in the new editor. When you open a legacy mind map in the new editor, it will be permanently converted to the new editor version. This will allow you to open it in the mobile apps. Converting your mind map is only possible through the desktop web browser.

To convert your legacy maps to the new editor:

  1. Open MindMeister through the desktop web browser via mindmeister.com
  2. Log in with your account details.
  3. Tap Get Started on the pop-up.

HC Article Unlock new editor_20240604.png

If you don’t see any pop-up on your dashboard, look for a small message in the left corner about the all-new MindMeister. Select Take me there to view the pop-up and switch to the new editor.

HC Article Get to Unlock new editor popover_20230604.png

After opening your mind map and switching to the new editor, you will be able to view and edit the previous mind map in the Android app once again.

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